Fulfil your potential

In a company that is constantly evolving, fulfilling your potential on a daily basis is important for the well-being of the company.

Safran Engineering Services gives its employees the opportunity to work in several fields or to specialize in a sector and, above all, to make important career choices, namely, to move:

  • towards an area of expertise
  • towards the position of project manager
  • into team management
  • towards continuous improvement within the company


The management channel


My first task as a manager was to recruit most of my co-workers! It was a new phase for me, sometimes complicated but also very rewarding; it let me instill a sense of team spirit. Even though my co-workers have changed over time, this team spirit has remained a part of our core values and it is directly linked to the success of our projects. Today, the responsibilities given to me by my own manager, and the quality and trust that are characteristic of discussions with my co-workers are my main sources of motivation.


Stéphane Baudin – Integrated Systems – Validation/qualification


Safran Engineering Services lets its employees move quickly into positions of responsibility and manage young and dynamic teams. The company entrusts its teams with exciting and important projects and strives to boost the potential of its employees.


The expert channel


The development of technical expertise is a strategic measure to guarantee technical success today and to prepare the technological challenges that we will face in the future. It is a core value of Safran Engineering Services. Today, as an expert at Safran Engineering Services, I can help co-workers and customers solve difficult technical problems and I can train young engineers by passing on my knowledge and know-how. Business line expertise is, more than anything else, a passion!


Xavier Berger - Systems Bench Department Head


The Safran + & continuous improvement channel


The continuous search for progress within our activities, the identification and implementation of solutions, and management of the changes that ensue make up the continuous improvement activities of Safran Engineering Services' very different sectors. They allow each employee to fulfill his or her potential thanks to their diverse and dynamic nature and the extensive interaction that is required with other people.


Axelle Gigou, Continuous Improvement Director

Axelle Gigou, continuous improvement manager, Safran Engineering Services


Safran Engineering Services enables its employees to move into occupations dedicated to continuous improvement and the Safran + Lean Sigma process through Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt courses and qualifications.


Being a Black Belt at Safran Engineering Services means being responsible for change and acquiring expertise in Lean-Sigma, project management and supervision methods. This channel taught me about the concepts, methods and tools that need to be applied to tackle the challenges that arise every day. The coaching provided as part of the Master Black Belt course was decisive: I learned more about business strategy and leadership!


Pankaj Kumar, Project Management Manager

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