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Innovation is at the center of our strategy to anticipate our clients' needs and provide them with the right services in the future. Developing and cultivating the spirit of technological or participatory innovation helps us remain competitive in an ever-changing services market.

Each employee at Safran Engineering Services is an agent of change. Whether at our facilities or a client's site, we have established a participatory innovation approach that promotes creativity and encourages thought processes on new products, tools, improvement procedure, and services.


We are aware that the added value of our services is embodied in the quality, leadership and expertise of the members of our teams. This is why we encourage them to invent tomorrow's services today.


Yves Bley – Head of INNOVATION / Senior Manager



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Our technologies


Virtual Platform


A virtual platform to manage multi-site projects

Safran Engineering Services has developed a virtual room concept equipped with a large interactive screen and shared by a company's various facilities in real time. Teams with such a platform can, from one end of the planet to the other, regardless of their geographical position, simultaneously work together on a project.

"We need to design tools that help us manage our technical activities and interact in real time in what is an increasingly complex and internationalized economic environment. " explained José Duarte, Head of RTDI Performance at Safran Engineering Services.

Current methods actually involve the exchange of data and important documents as well as contacts and very regular trips between the teams. The virtual plateau helps overcome these constraints, manage deliverables wherever you are, share and interact in real time, involve the right people at the right time, improve how to run meetings, write technical reviews and reduce transportation costs.

Our Virtual Platform is an industrial solution with a protected exchange system via Internet using an ergonomic, configurable and scalable interface according to new ways of working. It offers an innovative collaboration solution that can be made available to all our clients.




A process equipped to design electrical harnesses

eCENTRIC is an innovative software package in the design of electrical systems that fits the increasingly extensive requirements of clients in this area. "eCENTRIC is a process equipped and developed by our company and our partner IGE-XAO which complements our existing activities on defining EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems) to cover its entire design cycle with total digital continuity and in conjunction with the various activities", explained Christophe Leguay, Head of Processes, Methods and Tools at Safran Engineering Services. Safran Engineering Services' teams use eCENTRIC to manage fully integrated configurations between the morphological and functional area. It provides a generic interface to implement the electrics basic data and offers simulation capabilities for EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems). It allows us to offer in-harness cable cluster definitions by ensuring that the chosen morphology is the smallest and at the lowest cost. It also enables us to react quickly and adapt to configuration changes requested by clients during the program development phase. It takes into account certification rules that make wiring a genuine sub-system.

eCENTRIC thus offers Safran Engineering Services the ability to independently and optimally cover all stages from design through to electrical system production and make this ability available to the aviation sector but also rail, naval and automotive industries.


3D printing


"Freedom Of Design", that is the way Safran Engineering Services develops processes to optimize and reshape the future of components design. Based on cross-fertilization skills, from design and optimization / algorithms techniques to manufacturing processes and qualification, we rethink specification rules and methodology to cut costs, lead time and weight, as well as to perform rapid prototyping through an end-to-end approach.




Safran Engineering Services is constantly looking to optimize the weight and performance of mechanical structures by using tested metallic and composite materials or by calling on new combinations of components. The company provides increasingly innovative "composite" solutions for aeronautical environments, ground transportation, competition boating and the energy sector.

Study and material selection, sizing and design of structures, support for certification and qualification, support for product commissioning (maintenance, concessions and repairs): Safran Engineering Services supports its clients in the engineering of composite materials and structures based on technical specifications and throughout the life cycle of a program.

"We are equally capable of running R&T approaches at levels of low technological maturity (TRL <6) by defining materials / processes and pre-designing hot and cold composites (CMO, CMM, CMC, etc.), as managing the development and certification of parts (PDR and CDR phases) by outsourcing, as well as their processing (concessions / repairs) ex-factory or in service." explained Jérôme Pasquiet, Innovation Manager at Safran Engineering Services.

Depending on client needs, Safran Engineering Services takes charge of choosing and characterizing materials, determines processes and manufacturing ranges, simulates 3D weaving and braiding, performs mechanical calculations (static, dynamic, crash, linear, non-linear, and optimization), designs and defines the draping sequences required for manufacturing files, develops and industrializes software for the analysis of defects by NDT (tomography, thermography, and ultrasound) and lends production support.


Digital continuity


Based on its experience on components design and engineering, Safran Engineering Services develops new processes to improve agility and to secure data for development program.

Considering the number of parts and complex systems (aero-structure, aero-engine, space launchers…), design is permanently impacted by the evolution of systems interfaces and by this way is submitted to recurrent change management and scheduling pressure.

To answer this situation, Safran Engineering Services invests and accompanies major stakeholders by developing methods to enhance quality and traceability, to decrease lead time, costs and to face fast changes at once.

Mechanical part Without Drawing Definition during design phase is one of the Full 3D solution so as:

  • to simply process
  • to be able to launch manufacturing directly without drawing
  • to ensure information continuity


Innovation and Safran: technological excellence is a state of mind


Innovation is central to Safran. As an essential component of competitiveness, innovation allows us to offer excellent products in each of the Group's business areas (aeronautics, space, defense, and safety), while reducing development time and cost. Innovation is also contributing to making air transport more environmentally friendly, safer, and easier in daily life. To do this, Safran relies on major financial resources, a substantial workforce in Research & Development (R&D) and ultra-modern research centers. Lastly, innovation is a mindset that is materialized by sharing expertise through numerous partnerships and through a vibrant and successful collaborative approach.

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