Our Manufacturing Engineering & Industrial Support services

Safran Engineering Services supports manufacturers in all product life phases, in particular those of industrialization and production of parts and equipment, providing technical assistance or project management support in four major areas:   industrial methods, quality assurance, supplier development as well as control of special materials and processes.

Industrial Methods

Safran Engineering Services operates in the industrialization phase to define the means of production and help optimize their manufacting capability. We also participate in defining workflows and production lines and in developing industrial validation plans and piloting each step before production ramp-up. We can also accompany production transfers between manufacturing sites and manage the implementation of the means of production.

Materials & Special Processes

This department offers expertise in metal and composite materials and is able to analyze raw or prepared materials and defective parts. It also participates in the qualification process of the product / process relationship within a production plant or at a supplier site. Lastly, it offers the ability to analyze compliance with the REACH framework.

Quality Assurance

Safran Engineering Services is active with manufacturers to support deployment of quality assurance plans in order to ensure proper implementation of existing standards, to measure differences, and to understand and improve circumstances. Our teams intervene in problem resolution by providing responses to crisis situations. Safran Engineering Services participates in the inspection of the first articles, in the quality control of parts produced and in the treatment of possible non-conformities.

Supplier Development

The "make or buy" policy encourages manufacturers to choose partners for support in supplying parts or equipment with high stakes in supplier production quality, production capacity and overall supply chain performance . Safran Engineering Services may intervene with suppliers to measure their performance, support them in their development to achieve results and help in improving processes.

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