Our software distribution offer

In France, Safran Engineering Services distributes software developed by the Greek firm BETA CAE Systems.

This software covers all mechanical simulation, from CAD to calculation reports: pre- and post-processing, calculations and resource management.

As part of its business activities, Safran Engineering Services offers services based on the following:

  • Training 
  • Hotline
  • Benchmarking and applying methodologies

Safran Engineering Services' support (France)

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The Eπilysis solver is the latest addition to the BETA CAE Systems software suite. Eπilysis is the Greek word for solution, and this solver provides solutions to a wide range of issues in disciplines such as Structural, NVH, and Optimization.


  • Lowers development costs through less physical experiments
  • Allows to test several design options for a minimal cost
  • Completes pre- and post-processing efficiently and intuitively
  • Maximizes ROI in the BETA software suite
  • Simplifies complex processes through assistant tools integrated in the pre-processor environment

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