Our Virtual Platform

Safran Engineering Services has developed a virtual room concept equipped with a large interactive screen and shared by a company's various facilities, in real time. Teams with such a platform can, regardless of their geographical position, simultaneously work together on a project.

A virtual platform to manage multi-site projects

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"We need to design tools that help us manage our technical activities and interact in real time in what is an increasingly complex and internationalized economic environment" explained José Duarte, project manager at Safran Engineering Services.

Current methods actually involve the exchange of data and important documents as well as contacts and very regular trips between the teams. The Virtual Platform helps overcome these constraints, manage deliverables wherever you are, share and interact in real time, involve the right people at the right time, improve how to run meetings, write technical reviews and reduce transportation costs.

The Virtual Platform is an industrial solution with a protected exchange system via Internet using an ergonomic, configurable and scalable interface according to new ways of working. It offers an innovative collaboration service that can be made available to all our clients.


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