Our virtual reality service offering

With its strong mastery of a variety of fields, from industrial support to mechanical design, Safran Engineering Services offers customers assistance tailored to the emerging needs of new virtual reality technology.  



Virtual Reality Contacts

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A team of engineers helps customers with virtual reality.

"In today's increasingly digitalized industrial sector, we want to find solutions with our customers by helping them think about how to make the best possible use of current and future technologies. In this respect, virtual reality is a powerful tool that can be harnessed to make existing spaces virtual and simulate projects." 

Brice Saint-Martin, Virtual Reality Manager at Safran Engineering Services.


Virtual reality applications:

Building design

Developing factories dynamically with VR (moving machine tools in a virtual reality experience)

  • Equipment catalogs ( )
  • Addition of constraints to simulations (EHS, etc.)

Equipment simulation (simulating and manipulating digital models of industrial equipment)

  • Pre-product/product design

Training: guided learning

  • Overseeing assembly
  • Multiuser, multiple points of view
  • Toolboxes

Communication media: Introduction to the company, the operations, and a visit of the facilities

Accessibility and maintainability studies for the installation of aeronautical electrical systems:

  • in confined spaces in the fuselage
  • in electrical furnishings

Ergonomics studies for the installation of furniture in the passenger cabin and the use of kinematics

  • Fitting test planes with engineer's stations
  • Designing VIP areas
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