Our Electrical & Power Services offer

Over a period of more than 35 years, Safran Engineering Services has become a major player in the engineering process behind the installation of aeronautical power systems. Our range of services covers all activities connected to power distribution: from architecture to assembly support, as well as power definition, installation and configuration management.

Safran Engineering Services can thus offer its experience and expertise for the development of more electric aircraft.

The purpose of these skills is to provide high-standard integrated service solutions to enable our customers to install complex power systems in various sectors: Aeronautics, Energy, Rail, Automotive, Space.

Consulting, Optimization & Training

Throughout the company's 35 years in power system engineering, Safran Engineering Services has worked with its customers to anticipate changes in the market and to put forward innovative power system solutions. Today, Safran Engineering Services assists customers by:

  • Acting as a consultant in power system design
  • Offering training in power system installation
  • Optimizing systems in terms of weight (design to weight) and cost (design to cost)
  • Optimizing power systems by putting forward innovative ideas
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