Our services for Integrated Propulsion Systems

Our Integrated Propulsion Systems services is a transversal organization developing and deploying innovative services in rotating machinery, propulsion systems and their equipment. Our network of specialists are able to support projects from launch through to the complete life cycle of the project.

Our services provide best-in-class end-to-end solutions to face a fast changing world with cross industry fertilization:

  • Aerospace: Solid Rocket Motor, Cryogenic engines, Nozzle
  • Aeronautics: Aero engines, Helicopters engines, Transmission chain, Auxiliary Power Unit, Nozzle, Nacelle
  • Automotive: Power chain, Engine, Transmission, Drive shafts, Brakes,  Hybrid Powertrain
  • Energy: Wind turbines, Steam and Gas turbines
Consulting, Analysis & Optimization

All skills and expertise of Integrated Propulsion Systems services are involved to optimize products development and in-service support so as to meet customer expectation and benefits:

  • Design To Cost, Value Assessment
  • Design To Weight
  • Experience parametric plan
  • Optimization techniques and algorithms
  • Multi-physics modeling
  • Components reusability analysis
  • Service Lifetime Forecast and Extension
  • Concession Management: inspection plan, concession raise, design-office, derogation justification, impact analysis (AMDEC, change in process, change in design…), repair scheme definition, certification update
  • Configuration Management (TEAM CENTER, WINDCHILL…)
Power Management

Power and Energy management services include cross expertise along the energy chain, analyzing specification needs from OEM, resources assessment, transmission systems design to performance forecast and test correlation, energy storage or hybrid power chain definition, so as to optimize system:

  • Specification, Trade-off
  • Functional analysis
  • System Architecture Optimization
  • Transmission system design, bearing analysis, gearbox
  • Hybrid powerchain
  • Components assembly
  • Global performance and new concepts analysis (compressor, turbine: efficiency, load, compression rate, engine power & thrust…)
  • Components recommendation for design (nozzle, gear-box, inter-turbine burner…)
  • Reusability
  • Operability, driven law definition, breakdown scenarii
  • Aircraft/System integration
  • Test/Flight analysis and correlation
Propulsion Systems design and Certification

From specification and functional analysis to detailed design and certification, we are part of the  aero engine or turbine major programs development, supporting components and external configuration design including modules integration.

  • Specification, Trade-off
  • Functional analysis
  • 3D design
  • Drawing sets
  • Dimensioning chain, stack-up analysis
  • Stress & FEM Static analysis
  • Fatigue, buckle, creep, fracture mechanics
  • Kinematic analysis
  • Whole system dynamic analysis, condensation techniques, NVH, windmilling, Fan Blade Out, Ice/Bird ingestion
  • Material behavior: Composite, Rubber, Metallic
  • Thermal, CFD, Biphasic forms
  • Acoustics, Noise source identification, psychoacoustics
  • System engineering & equipment: pipes, bracket, harnesses
  • Certification dossier
  • Design, Computation & modeling
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