Our Systems Test & Services offer

Safran Engineering Services provides extended services from design to test bench operations. Our test & measure department designs for its customers any type of complete test solutions for R&D, manufacturing and in-service system tooling. With teams for over 20 experiments in the field of equipment and systems testing, Safran Engineering Services' added value lies in its ability to provide services from A to Z for the design of turnkey test systems to their optimization and operation. Beyond the development of testing, our services are extended to maintenance in operational conditions of testing tools, validation and product certification assistance.

Equipment Characterization / Validation Bench

Used during new equipment development, this kind of test solution is mainly used for testing electronics and electromechanical equipment. We advise our customers on the best solution definition adapted to their needs for tests up to commissioning. We advise our clients on technological choices to ensure the modularity and adaptability of the solution in accordance with the standards imposed in its industrial sector.

In-service Tooling and Bench

Used during the ground validation phases of an equipment or its operation, this type of tool allows the maintenance of the product under test. We develop for our customers ruggedized services adapted to ground test constraints: e.g. road tests. We advise our clients from tool definition until its commissioning and its operation. We also ensure the maintenance in operational conditions of these tools.

IVVQ Support

Our offer covers all services related to the Integration, Validation, Verification and Qualification (IVVQ) activities of your products. We manage for our customers all activities in the coordination of testing with certified laboratories and we provide all justification required by the authorities of different industrial sectors: aerospace, automotive and railway. Our teams provide their knowledge and our tools to optimize material / human resources and they give a daily basis monitoring of test reports on your product.

Manufacturing Bench

Used during the manufacturing phases of an equipment or a part of it, this type of tool is used to automatically validate the product under test. Our services are developed and adapted to the various electronics and electromechanical products of our customers. We advise our clients from the testing strategy definition, the test automation, up to the commissioning and the operation of this type of platform. We also ensure the maintenance in operational conditions of these benches for more than 20 years.

Partnership & Certification

To develop and qualify our test benches and services, we have partnerships with some laboratories and specialized suppliers. We are a Silver Alliance Partner Member with National Instruments and we already certified people for: architect and developer on LabVIEW©, TestStand© and VeriStand©.

Rapid Prototyping Bench

We develop innovative services allowing the simulation of critical and complex functions such as engine control unit. This type of real-time platform is used to validate a proof of concept, increase the maturity of its specification and secure its design and integration. This tool can be used to verify all system performances with all equipment through simulation of the critical function with the bench. On this platform we integrate multi physical models provided by our customers or by us; it is developed with standard tools (e.g. MatLab).

System integration Bench

Used during the integration phases of a new system, this type of tool is used to validate functional and security system aspects. We develop for our customers services adapted to different needs: MIL simulation, SIL, HIL and PIL. We advise our clients from the testing strategy definition up to the commissioning of this type of platform. We also ensure the maintenance in operational conditions of these benches for more than 20 years.

Turnkey solutions

Safran Engineering Services is the leader on the standardization of the test services for the Safran Group. For several years, we have composed a technological hardware and software services catalog. We develop our test services based on the components catalogue comprising of technological solutions and standard products, such as: graphics elements, electrical protection systems, engine test, specialized interface network (e.g. MVB), interfaces and translators of models to a real-time target.

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