Our Structure and System Integration offer

Structure and System Integration services aim to develop and deploy innovative services in large structures and complex systems development. Our network of specialists and experts support projects from launch through to the complete life cycle of the project.

Our services are best-in-class end-to-end solutions to face a fast changing world with cross industry fertilization:

  • Aerospace: Satellite structure, Launcher
  • Aeronautics: Aircraft structure, Cockpit, Landing Gear
  • Transportation & Energy: Large structure design, Body & Door, Crashworthiness, Composite

Weight Management & Mass Properties

  • Weight target, assessment & Review
  • Weight optimization, Design To Weight, Architecture impact
  • Weight Data Bank
  • Weight control, balance management, modification impact (fuel consumption, cargo drop sequences), loadability, stability
  • Massive elements, load plans, Mass centering & inertia
  • Performance impact, flight parameters validation
  • Weight operation, report and compliance documents
  • Verification & Validation
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