Our Systems Test & Services offer

Safran Engineering Services provides extended services from design to test bench operations. Our test & measure department designs for its customers any type of complete test solutions for R&D, manufacturing and in-service system tooling. With teams for over 20 experiments in the field of equipment and systems testing, Safran Engineering Services' added value lies in its ability to provide services from A to Z for the design of turnkey test systems to their optimization and operation. Beyond the development of testing, our services are extended to maintenance in operational conditions of testing tools, validation and product certification assistance.

Rapid Prototyping Bench

We develop innovative services allowing the simulation of critical and complex functions such as engine control unit. This type of real-time platform is used to validate a proof of concept, increase the maturity of its specification and secure its design and integration. This tool can be used to verify all system performances with all equipment through simulation of the critical function with the bench. On this platform we integrate multi physical models provided by our customers or by us; it is developed with standard tools (e.g. MatLab).

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