Pursuing training

At Safran Engineering Services, we put the development of employee expertise first. Training is an essential lever for the development of personnel who will prepare our future and manage changes that affect the company.

The company capitalizes on the careers of its employees, offering training programs that enable them to add to their competencies throughout their working lives.

Our commitment to expertise responds to the different needs of our customers and forces us to anticipate changes within business lines and to adopt a sustainable innovation mindset. We are also particularly attentive to passing on and capitalizing on knowledge.


Safran University: a unique training facility at your disposal

When working with cutting-edge technology, the competencies of employees must be regularly updated so that we can provide high-quality services. It is for this reason that Safran created Safran University.

Designed for our employees, as well as our customers and partners, the University's purpose is to accompany the development and transformation of the Group. Safran University courses have three goals:

  • To strengthen the competencies of employees. Business-line competencies target areas in which the Group has to retain its competitive advantage. Specific attention is also paid to transversal skills: personal efficiency, foreign languages, etc.
  • To produce talent in business lines needed by the Group to grow. The courses are therefore determined in accordance with Safran's strategic priorities.
  • To help managers and senior executives undertake changes needed to keep the Group ahead of competitors.

These courses are run at Campus Safran, a place of sharing and discussion where knowledge is passed on and a melting pot of different cultures and innovation.

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Safran University in figures:

million hours of training per year around the world
of Group employees take at least one course a year
of the Group's payroll is dedicated to the passing on of knowledge
the cornerstone of managing a dynamic career


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