Our Certification & Safety services offer

Safran Engineering Services supports its clients in the development of safe and reliable industrial projects, from the design phase through to operation so as to ensure project compliance with standards, requirements, national and international regulations, to estimate the reliability of your products / systems / equipment, control risk based on methodologies, hardy action plans and monitoring, to model and estimate the availability of products / systems / equipment, to estimate, optimize and analyze costs / advantages and to have competitive products in the global market through our expertise in certification.


Safran Engineering Services deals with:

  • Airworthiness monitoring: safety assessment following modifications / processing feedback & lessons learned / safety assessment of in-flight incidents & corrective actions / airworthiness directives / client support with the authorities
  • Airworthiness compliance from an organization: compliance with regulatory organizations (PART21 J, PART 21G and PART145)
  • Flight safety program: flight data analyses, Human factors.
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