Operation Support & Maintenance services offer

In-service support for aircraft represents a broad field of activities which involves almost all of the skills used in its development. Support begins long before delivery of the aircraft with activities such as preparing the maintenance plan or technical publications, and continutes until the aircraft is withdrawn from service.

Analysis of Incidents

Contextualization of an event is often essential to better understand the malfunction observed. This contextualization requires the ability to view or reproduce the overall environment in which the malfunction occurred. SES has proven skills in analyzing flights using data from recorders. Exchanges between the pilots and expert systems used in the company help, in the final analysis, bring a vision that is both human and technical of the various incidents analyzed.

Client Support Hotline

Operational constraints in aeronautical industry systems require regular, or even constant, monitoring. Major equipment manufacturers therefore set up support centers to ensure that their products are kept in operating condition. Our involvement in developing systems gives us a sufficient level of knowledge to support equipment manufacturers with this type of service. Sagem, Turbomeca or Snecma already trust us to handle requests from their various customers.

Technical Publications

The technical publications are the keystone of aeronautical industry systems. This major component is constantly evolving and requires a high degree of clarity and precision to ensure that the systems are operable in light of economic constraints. Safran Engineering Services has, for more than twenty years, developed significant expertise in this area, ranging from simple drafting through to production, including translation, drawing or customization. Currently, with help from our offshore center, we support virtually all Safran group companies in various development phases of their technical publications.

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