Our assets

Safran Engineering Services: qualified men and women to serve our customers

Located in ten countries, Safran Engineering Services recruits qualified men and women to provide engineering services with high added value and to create strong partnerships with customers.

Joining Safran Engineering Services will let you develop numerous skills and undertake ambitious technological projects.

Part of the Safran Group, our company boasts excellent training facilities and resources that allow our employees to develop unique know-how, adopt effective working methods, implement innovative processes, and build a shared culture.

It is essential that our employees are successful as we benefit from their expertise, motivation, and sense of customer service.

Our goal is to ensure that around the world our talented team delivers the same high-standard services with the same level of responsiveness, the same energy, the same capacity to intervene and the same results!

Safran Engineering Services:

talent, service and customers come first!

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